2022 Fall/Winter Issue

Ecoservices performs novel converter repair

Ecoservices’ Dominguez plant in Carson, CA, recently replaced its converter’s internal heat exchanger in a meticulously choreographed shutdown spanning 22 days in April, 2022. Like many large construction projects, the replacement involved numerous moving parts. But a unique circumstance raised the complexity for the Dominguez plant—lack of precedent. Very few internal exchanger replacements have been performed in the industry.

Features & Guest Columns

  • Uncertainty overhangs 2022
  • Your pipe supports are causing expansion joint failures
  • Elekeiroz’s continuous improvement yields significant capacity increase
  • Sulfur burning furnace optimization
  • Sulfuric acid plant training for managers, engineers, and operators
  • Knight Material Technologies leverages power of three companies for sulfuric acid protection
  • Less metal, less corrosion: Savino Barbera chemical pumps & industrial mixers solve an age-old problem
  • Extending a converter’s operational run time
  • Sulfuric Acid Roundtable returns to Texas
  • Sulfuric acid professionals gather in Florida for annual conference

Also included in this issue …

  • Chemtrade joint venture to build new electronic grade sulfuric acid plant
  • Southern States Chemical announces acquisition of manufacturing plant in Augusta, Ga.
  • BASF introduces X3DTM, a revolutionary technology for shaping catalyst for optimal performance
  • Travertine looks to revolutionize metal extraction tech, sulfuric acid production