2019 Spring Summer Issue

Trends in sulfuric acid: 25 years ago vs today

Reviewing the past is useful for planning the future, so for Sulfuric Acid Today’s 25-year anniversary, we wanted to take stock of the major changes in the industry over the last quarter-century. We turned to the experts, those with the greatest experience in this business, many over 35 years. We surveyed consultants, product and service suppliers, and acid manufacturers about what they see as the predominant shifts from 25 years ago to today. Here are their answers.

Features & Guest Columns

  • SNC-Lavalin Chile delivers outstanding HSE performance
  • Trends in sulfuric acid: 25 years ago vs today
  • Changes in the sulfuric acid market over the past 25 years
  • Sulfur gun advancements
  • Lewis® looks back on 25 years specializing in the sulfuric acid industry
  • Preventing high-temperature superheater casing failures
  • At last, a new mesh pad for the sulfuric acid industry
  • Sulfur recovery gas cleaning
  • Further reflections of an acid cooler technical representative
  • Checking in: Koch Knight drying tower in 18th year at Veolia
  • Peripherals of process gas and acid systems
  • Acid dew point measurement in sulfuric acid production

Also included in this issue …

  • India court clears way for Vedanta Smelter restart
  • ITT announces agreement to acquire Rheinhütte Pumpen Group
  • Electrozinc to be mothballed by mid-2019
  • ACS Group to build two of world’s largest sulfuric acid plants in Morocco
  • SNC-Lavalin Chile delivers outstanding HSE performance