2019 Fall Winter Issue

Sulfuric acid at center of new multi-function complex in Turkey

Eti Bakır recently commissioned a brand-new combined roasting/leaching/ fertilizer complex in Mazıdağı, the site of an abandoned phosphate mine in southwestern Turkey. The new facility uses the onsite phosphate along with pyrite concentrate transported from another site to produce base metals and phosphate-based fertilizers. The sulfuric acid unit is central to the process, capturing SO2 from pyrite roasting, delivering calcine feedstock to the leaching function, and supplying acid to feed both the leaching and fertilizer processes. The unit also generates enough steam to power the entire complex.

Features & Guest Columns

  • An unexpected year for sulfuric acid
  • Nuova Solmine installs new MECS® ZeCor® final absorption tower
  • Paper producer installs NORAM sulfur combustion plant
  • Lewis Expert Blog: The importance of material selection in centrifugal pumps and valves
  • Confined space rescue: Be prepared when an emergency arises
  • Acid distributor restoration
  • Wet electrostatic precipitators excel in sulfuric acid gas cleaning
  • Further reflections from an acid cooler technical representative
  • Process gas dewpoint/moisture leak detection measurement system
  • Sulfur gun advancements
  • Central Florida engineers host 43rd Clearwater conference
  • Roundtable gathers industry minds for focused review

Also included in this issue …

  • $174 million acid plant up and running at Trail smelter
  • SNC-Lavalin wins Ioneer contract
  • Trafigura Group Pte Ltd becomes majority owner of Nyrstar’s operating business
  • Sauereisen receives its second Presidential “E Star” Award for Exports