2018 Spring Summer Issue

Bestgrand Chemical successfully starts up world’s largest wet-gas sulfuric acid plant in China

Gaining ever wider acclaim in the area of capturing and treating sulfurous waste gases, wet-gas sulfuric acid (WSA) technology recently passed a milestone. The largest WSA plant, a 300,000 ton per year sulfuric acid facility, came online this year in Huizhou, China. A process that captures sulfur in large enough quantities to ensure environmental compliance with room to spare, WSA draws equal attention for a key side benefit: the generation of commercial grade sulfuric acid.

Features & Guest Columns

  • People on the Move
  • Sulfur and sulfuric acid: what 2017 taught us
  • High pressure 300 MTPD SO2 plant in North America
  • Sulfur gun advancements
  • Five years later: Comparing single absorption plant using Cansolv vs. double absorption
  • Kalium Mineração chooses SAFEHR® for its new 150 MTPD sulfuric acid plant
  • Wet electrostatic precipitators for optimal sulfuric acid gas cleaning
  • Impala Platinum smelter facility off-gas processing
  • Cleaning of the sulfur recovery unit is essential to efficiency
  • Looking out: a quick guide to establishing an effective jobsite safety review program
  • Dirty sulfur pumps: how to overcome challenges for a smooth operation
  • Info sharing at CRU’s conference, Sulphur 2017

Also included in this issue …

  • Outotec to deliver modular sulfuric acid resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Port Pirie Redevelopment allows increased operating flexibility
  • Mosaic completes acquisition of Vale Fertilizantes
  • Umm Wu’al begins production
  • New projects boost Iran’s copper sector