2015 Fall Winter Issue

First Quantum Minerals brings largest acid plant on-line in Zambia

When you mine copper ore from a very productive source, you also need an efficient way to smelt all that ore and clean the off-gases from that smelting process. The Kansanshi mine in Zambia, the largest copper mine in Africa, is just such a source. But the nearest smelters were 180 kilometers away, in the county’s Copperbelt region. That is, until a new copper smelter, complete with the world’s largest single-train metallurgical gas cleaning and sulfuric acid facility, was built on site.

Features & Guest Columns

  • Low commodity prices—impact on the sulfuric acid market
  • WESPs: Answering a critical need for gas cleaning efficiency
  • Solutions for common problems in sulfur spraying
  • Case studies in next generation furnace designs for sulfuric acid plants
  • Safety at the forefront of every sulfuric acid project
  • NOx! Here today, here to stay
  • Clark Solutions: reflecting on over 20 years in the industry
  • Direct optical gas monitoring systems: just looking, not touching
  • Hydrogen incidents in sulfuric acid plants–why now and what can we do?
  • Sulfuric acid plant training for managers, engineers and operators
  • Pitfalls of using published stainless steel and ductile iron corrosion data for sulfuric acid plant design
  • Maintaining your anodic protection systems
  • PFA Teflon®-lined butterfly valves eliminate the need for spray shields, allow for easy automated operation
  • Successful filtration by improved pumping systems
  • SYMPHOS 2015 draws industry experts world wide
  • Phosphate fertilizer, sulfuric acid professionals gather for annual conference
  • Sulfuric Acid Today hosts Sulfuric Acid Roundtable in Central Florida

Also included in this issue …

  • Sulfuric acid plant slated to open early next year
  • Potash Ridge acquires Valleyfield Fertilizer
  • MAA growth subject of new report
  • Rentech to merge with CVR
  • PQ and Eco Services agree to merge
  • Consortium focuses on raw materials