Doe Run Peru begins construction of La Oroya sulfuric acid plant
LA OROYA, Peru -- Doe Run Peru has begun construction of a lead circuit sulfuric acid plant that will allow for the continued reduction of emissions of sulfur dioxide from the La Oroya smelter chimney, part of the company's continued commitment to improve air quality in La Oroya and meet its commitments with the Peruvian government and the local community.

The plant is the second of three related sulfuric acid projects (the first for the zinc circuit, has already been completed; the second for the lead circuit; and the third for the copper circuit), which comprise the last of nine projects undertaken under Doe Run Peru’s environmental operating agreement with the government (known by its Spanish initials, PAMA).

“This project carries an investment of more than $29 million. Its operation will involve the completion of a series of complementary projects we are carrying out concurrently,” Juan Carlos Huyhua, president and general manager of Doe Run Peru, said. Those projects include completing updates to the effluents treatment plan, the electric substation that will power the acid plant, and in particular, the construction of a warehouse and dispatch terminal for the sulfuric acid that is produced as the sulfur dioxide is drawn out of the plant, Huyhua added.

Once the lead circuit’s acid plant is operational, Doe Run Peru expects to significantly reduce its emissions of sulfur dioxide.

Construction of the lead circuit plant is expected to be completed in September 2008. Engineering work on the project began in Oct. 2006 and is being carried out by Fleck Chemical Industries ( of Canada and Graña y Montero ( of Peru. Equipment purchases for the facility began earlier this year.

Doe Run Peru’s total PAMA investment well surpasses the $107.5 million the company agreed to when it arrived to Peru in 1997. When all the projects are completed, which is on track for Oct. 2009, Doe Run Peru will have spent more than $244 million, approximately 2.3 times the original commitment.