Topsoe launches new daisy-shaped dust protection catalyst for sulfuric acid plants
LYNGBY, Denmark -- Haldor Topsøe has developed a new dust protection catalyst the size of a 25 mm daisy in the proven VK38 catalyst formulation. Top-layer installations of the 25 mm daisy in a plant suffering from pressure drop build-up can double the production time between screenings.

Many sulfuric acid plants suffer from pressure drop build-up as a result of dust in the feed gas. To overcome this problem, Topsøe introduced the first dust protection catalyst in the 70s – the 20 mm ring that currently provides invaluable savings in more than 60 sulfuric acid plants worldwide.

The susceptibility to plugging and ensuing pressure drop build-up across a catalyst bed depends on the catalyst size and shape. The large size and high void fraction of the new 25 mm daisy shape offer 30 percent to 35 percent longer production campaigns compared to 20 mm rings – or a doubling when compared with 12 mm daisy.

Consequently, the number of time-consuming and expensive shutdowns for catalyst screening is reduced. At the same time significant savings in blower energy result from the lower pressure drop.

The 25 mm daisy is produced with the same inherent high strength and activity as the traditional 20 mm ring.

For further details, please contact Ms. Lene Hansen by email at or by telephone at +45 4527 8508 (direct).