Sulfuric Acid Events
DuPont Best Practices Workshop
Monday, May 1, 2017
The DuPont 2017 Best Practices Workshop (BPW), to be held in Ojai, Calif. from May 1-4, marks the event’s 30th anniversary, attracting new and returning participants every year.

Designed to address all aspects of sulfuric acid alkylation, the 2017 workshop will examine topics from regulatory challenges to today’s market conditions, and alkylation chemistry to equipment reliability and inspection. New in 2017 is an Operations Roundtable session in which operators will have the opportunity to discuss specific troubleshooting scenarios. Discussions in this new session will focus on how to identify a unit upset, how to respond and where to look for root causes.

The workshop further covers topics including technology configuration and selection, technical design considerations, operations, and maintenance, as well as technology troubleshooting and performance optimization. Led by STRATCO® subject matter experts, this workshop is ideally suited to technology specialists, engineering supervisors, engineers, and operations personnel.

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